Wednesday, February 3, 2010

2 February 2010

Happy FEBRUARY!! I can officially say that after this change I've got one change left in the mission! But yeah, we had changes. Im with Sister Rodriguez. This is her third change in the mission. She is from a tiny village in Guatemala. She's really nice, but cant read or write and barely talks.

Our investigators are kind of struggling. Weve been teaching 3 sisters and their brother. Carol, Karem, Edith and Luis. They are great and accepted thier baptismal date this week BUT told me their dad made a deal with them. They can pick the church they want to be baptized in but they have to get baptized in Arequipa so all their aunts, uncles, cousins, etc can be there and have a fiesta and they have to wait until October until they go to Arequipa on vacation! I guess I should just be happy theyre going to work towards getting baptized at all, but it broke my heart. Frank is still attending, but STILL doesnt have permission from his dad, etc. So yeah, pray for our investigators.

Oh, so theres a less active lady in our ward and part of her house burned down this week!! We went to visit her and ended up hauling out 37 bags of burnt trash and charcoal and dirt and then it started pouring and we had to start hauling out buckets of water because her only good room was going to flood! Ironic isnt it? Too bad it didnt rain like that the day before WHILE her house was on fire!

Oh, so heres something funny. This week I was walking along, kicking a rock (a favorite pastime of mine these days) when the rock went flying! Obviously it hit a taxi that was parked a ways off and the alarm started going off! The owner was sitting in his taxi and I could see that he was yelling so I went over to apologize hoping he wasnt going to strangle me. When I got a little closer I realized he was yelling, GOAL. From half field!! Its good!! I was so relieved when I realized he wasnt swearing at me. Good thing he was a soccer fan.

Hope youre all great! Love you guys!! Love, Christa

PSS look up la celebracion de la virgen de la candelaria online. Its happening this week and everyone in puno is either drunk or dancing in the streets to celebrate.