Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Email from April 20, 2009

Well after a weeks as senior companion I only have a little bit of the urge to throw myself under a bus still. Lucky for me, my companion is great. She has 2 months in the mission, but is amazing and has made this change a LOT better than it could have been.

Not too much is going on here actually. Oh, so my companion and I are in the ward choir. We got roped into it because ward conference is coming up and they need as many people as possible to perform a special musical number. One word. Painful!! As you all know I cant carry a tune in a bucket, but compared to the people Im singing with I should have a recording contract or something! I want to tape it so you guys can witness it. It will be a musical number to remember! I thought about faking sick so I wouldnt have to go and be embarassed when we perform, but then I remembered Im in peru so who cares!

We went with the Relief Society president and bishop to do some service for a lady that just had a baby this week. I can now officially wash clothes by hand! A 6 year old walked me through the process and kept scolding me because I wasnt soaping the clothes right, but I eventually got the hang of it. Its a surprisingly long process that includes 6 different buckets!! Im scared for the life this mission is preparing me for.Since I can now wash clothes by hand does that mean Ill be living in poverty somewhere withouth a washing machine??!! Sure hope not.

We went to get our hair cut and met a lady in the salon this week. She sat down next to us and asked about the Book of Mormon on my lap. She also told us shed seen us in the airport when we went to see off our companions in March. Weve had 2 lessons with her and another one tonight and she seems really great. Well see what happens.

So I had 17 people in my english class this week!! I still have no idea what Im doing, but its fun. Some investigators were even there. So yeah, send me ideas!

How are you guys?? Whats the latest in Gville? Vegas? Iowa? I hope youre all doing great. Im surviving. The thought one day at a time is a big comfort and motivator for me. I love you and am praying for you all the time!! Talk to you next week!!

Email from April 13, 2009

Anyway, happy belated Easter!! So bad news. Theres no easter bunny in Peru!! And even worse, no cadburry candy!! BUT luckily i got your packages this week-thank you,thank you,thank you-I loved the notes in my pants mom, and a tigers milk and cliff bar were more than enough to make me happy on easter morning. I dont know where all the people were who were celebrating easter in a major way but I sure didnt see them! It was kind of like Christmas. If I hadnt known the date, I wouldnt have suspected a thing. Although nobody had work or school from Thursday to Sunday, nobody ate meat and we all ate fish stew so I guess thats something.

We had 2 baptisms on Sunday. Brenda, the ten year old daughter of a less active family and Mabel, probably the most impressive 11 year old Ive ever met. We met her through another investigator and she has begged her parents for 2 months to let her be baptized and they finally relented. I wish you could meet her and her little sister Maite. They are my favorites. Im pretty sure Mabel could speak in General Conference and do just fine. There are some people who just already know everything and our teacher her was just like telling her she was right about all the things shes always though. The first prayer she gave my companion and I just sat there shocked. It sounded like dad praying!! Anyway, it was a really good day.

Listen to this. My old companion, Hna Cabrejos is married!! She left March 2 and by March 28 she was married!! Her boyfriend was serving in this mission too-dont worry, they knew each other from their home ward in Lima. Apparently she dumped him 4 months into her mission and she always told me nothing would ever happen between them, but he got home 2 weeks before her and Im not quite sure what he orchestrated in those 2 weeks, but I do now theyre now married!! Crazyª!!

So I hit 6 months!! I celebrated with a card my companion made me and drinking milk and coke a man in the ward brought us. We also had salchipapa for dinner-french fries with hot dog slices, ketchup, mustard and mayo. It was a good day. And a great week UNTIL last night. Apparently I misunderstood President Davis in my last interview because my companion got transferred and I became senior companion!!! Wha????????? I want to throw myself in front of a bus, but what can you do? My companion is Hermana Soplopuco from Chiclayo. She has 2 months in the mission. Poor thing getting stuck with me. Seriously, not to doubt President DAvis, but Whaaaa????

Anyway, I love you all and miss you!! Hope mom and em had a great trip seeing britt. Talk to you soon!! Love you!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Hey fam!! How are you guys?? Burt, I hope you had the best Bday ever!! Send me details! Im glad you guys got my pictures! I think there were like 160. I have anxiety about erasing any until Im sure you have them. There were a couple videos too. Did you get those?

We DID get to watch conference and in English to boot!! We watched at a stake center and I watched in an English room with President and Sister Davis and like 8 northamerican elders. It was the best thing ever! I love conference. I miss watching in my pjs and being able to nap in between sessions, but just being able to watch in english was sufficient.

So we had a baptism Friday. Her name is Maria and shes 10. Maria is the daughter of a lady who was less actie for a long time, but has started coming back. Marias dad wants to be baptized too, but is waiting to get some papers from Bolivia so he can marry her mom. Shes a sweet little girl. Friday was her birthday so we had cake at the baptism too! I do love cake.

Well we went on that hike last pday and it was really fun. BUT we never made it to the waterfalls! After hiking for about an hour we came upon a guard of some sort with an ammunition belt. Not sure what the exact reason was we couldnt go any futher, but the ammo belt was enough to convince me to turn right around. Oh, that reminds me I got a letter from my good friend Hna Walther who is serving in Piura Peru. Good news and bad news. The good news is my mission sounds safer. The bad news is shes got way better stories!

Mom, you asked what the little kids I live with would like. Im sure any little toy or candy would do. Oh, and they do love dinosaurs. Also, a member of my bishopric has requested jelly bellys or cinnabears so maybe throw some of those in next package? Along with, and this is a long shot, but it you happen to have any church DVDS laying around that have a spanish track? Just wondering. But seriously! You can wait until July to send another package. There is NO rush. And send me a quick email the pday before you send it so I can add anything last minute. Oh, good news though, the office elder is picking up my packages again so thats great news!

Dad, if you havent sent your account of your milk chugging experience to the other kids and or read it over the pulpit, please do so now!! IT was Hilarious and Im glad you survived!!

Anyway, transfers are monday so I'll let you know next week what happened. Hopefully nothing!! Love you guys and hope youre doing great.

Love you!!