Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Yay! Our first email from Arequipa. We hadn't heard from Christa since she left the MTC in Lima and I think we were all going through withdrawals. Thanks to everyone who has been writing. We know she appreciates it so much.

We hope you all have a Merry Christmas. We'll update after our phone call on Christmas Day. We can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

Received December 15, 2008
Por Fin!!!!!
I never thought I was going to be able to talk to you guys or hear from you ever again!!! I felt a little bad begging president groberg to email you guys when our pday got eliminated without warning, but now Im glad I did!!!! I have almost died not being able to send you guys mail or hear from you!!! It has been a rough couple of weeks!! I havent even had time to read any of your emails, but I wanted to send this as soon as I could!!! I hope you are all alive and well. I am definitely alive and in Arequipa!

I was the lone northamerican traveling with 7 latinos. They were really nice to me and made sure I made it on the plane and everything. When we landed in Arequipa President and Sister Davis and the office elders were waiting for us. We went back to the mission home and ate Dominos . Except I couldnt eat OR sleep because the elders thought it would be funny to tell us the Arequipa mission isnt allowed to use email!! I seriously cried and couldnt sleep all night. They also told us it took 2 weeks to get a letter. I was ill. Turns out it was a joke and the next day at breakfast (pancakes with nutella and peanut butter!!!) I found out. I should have been mad, but I was just so relieved I would someday get to email you guys-even if its been an eternity-I wasnt mad.

There were letters from Dad, Bob Gardner, Michelle, Jenny and Jessie and the interns I was with in Chicago and the Inghams waiting for me. Tell them all thank you!! And some of them had been sent on Dec. 4 and I got them the 10!!! So that was great news.

Anyway, Wednesday we had some training at the mission home, had a really nice lunch and I had an interview with President Davis and got my assignment. Im with Hermana Monteza and shes from northern peru. Shes the nicest person ever. I feel so bad for her though because she only has a couple months left and has to spend them basically babysitting me. I dont understand a thing!!! We are in an area in Arequipa called Alto Misti right by the volcano Misti. I love downtown Arequipa!! Its so cute!! My area is about 10 minutes aways and kind of reminds me of Carson City, Virginia City if that tells you anything. Im sure itll be good though. The weather is beautiful right now although it does get chilly at night. Blue skies here everyday, but I hear the rain is going to start soon. Good news dad-my companion makes me wear sunscreen everyday.

Anyway, yeah, Im in the field. All Im going to say is I hate learning curves. Ive never been very patient with them and maybe thats a big part of the reason Im supposed to be on this mission. I remember mom telling me when I came home from my first day of kindergarten and couldnt read how upset I was. I feel that way now. I just want to be able to speak spanish and actually be a missionary and its really hard just feeling dumb all the time. I know things will all come together, but I just wish I was already a couple months down the road.

Im a little sick. Ive had a sore throat and alternating stuffy-running nose. Everyone says its adjusting to the climate.

Anyway, the place we live is avctually really nice. Well, it doesnt have mirrors, but by Peru standards we live in a mansion. Mom, you know how you keeps saying you want to trade places? Well I have the news that will make you buy your ticket down here!! We live with a pensionista, Yenny, who cooks our 3 meals a day for us. Her grandma, mama Jica, reminds me of Aunt Jo. She always comes in and spices up the food. Anyway, they are really nice, I just wish I could understand them!! Also a lady came and picked up our laundry today!! So if I see you on my doorstep mom Ill know why.

Thank you guys for everything!!! Keep praying. I know you are already and I know its what keeps me going. I love you all!!! Talk to you Monday!!! This is my pday from now on!!!


PS Em there was a dog in sacrament yesterday. It was the closest we got to having an investigator show up. Thought youd appreciate that.

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