Sunday, January 25, 2009

Today is Em's Birthday!!!! Happy Sweet 16 Emily!!!!!!!!! I came home for the weekend and attended church today at CV2 where I was reprimanded for not updating the blog (you know who you are)!!!!!!! So... I immediately came home to post some of the last two emails we have received from Christa. Keep sending letters and saying prayers for Christa. She appreciates it all:

Email January 12, 2009

Hey Guys!!!

How are you?? Im doing pretty good. Darren and Mel, thanks so much for your package!! I needed everything you guys sent!! It was so perfect! I love the pictures too! I hung some up in my room. Darren-so turns out the people I live with are Herbal Life distributors. They are crazy about the stuff! They have decals everywhere and even wear Herbal Life pins on their lapels to church!! So in one of the pics youre wearing an Herbal Life shirt and I showed them and their heads about exploded from joy! They loved it!! You have some instant friends if you ever come to Peru! And mom I got the other Christmas package on Saturday!! I love my shoes and outfit!! Everything fits perfectly, I wore it all to church on Sunday! And my comp was so excited to get the candies and pens and soap you sent so thank you!!! I also got a card from Dan and Carla and a package from Jason this week. It was a good week in the mail department.

So big news. We are having 2 baptisms on Jan. 17 (happy bday dad!) Dont get too excited though, they werent that hard fought. Actually, thinking about it they kind of were. We had to teach the lessons to 2 rambunxious 9 year old twins, Walter and Melvin. They are the sons of a sister named Rosa Mesa in our ward. Her husband is inactive and weve had her come with us to teach an investigator who lives close to her. The other night when we walked her home she asked us when her sons could be baptized. We were both a little surprised. Rosa and her husband had just never talked about having them baptized before I guess. But the twins are excited and we got through the lessons so we are excited too!!

Anyway, I have to go, but I love you all!! Hope youre all doing well!! I still miss and pray for you each everyday!! Talk to you soon!!


PS, dad have a great bday!!

Email January 19, 2009:

Hey HEy Hey!!
How was your guys´week? I hope it was fantastic!So we had our 2 baptisms yesterday!!! Just barely though!! The twins had to attend sacrament meeting in order to get baptized yesterday. After going to their house the night before to remind their mom to be on time and calling TWICE (Peruvians arent known for their promptness) they were missing in action during sacrament! Of course my companion and I had to talk yesterday (why didnt anyone tell me missionaries have to talk once a month?) So as soon as we finished we sprinted the 7 blocks to their house, threw them in a cab and all ran back into sacrament! The baptism turned out really nice. Their dad came and everything. And boy am I glad it happened because at 11 pm last night we got the call that I was getting TRANSFERRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!My comp and I were convinced neither of us was going to get transferred since she has only 1 change left and Ive only been in the field 1 change! We were wrong! Hna. Monteza has 7 and a half months in the area so we thought if anyone was going to get changed itd be her. Once again. We were wrong!! So I packed up my things and now Im in an area called Umacollo. Its still in Arequipa, but more close to the center. AND my new companion and I are opening an area? I ont even know what that means! BUT I do know it means we dont have a room or a pension yet! I think we are spending the rest of the day with our zone leaders looking for a place to live! Mom, you really should run this place! Nobody seems to be concerned but me! I hope thats a good thing. I think they said we could stay with some other hermanas for a while if we cant find anything. So I know you guys already are, but pray for me extra this week! Im kind of scared about all the changes. BUT I guess thats what a mission is all about right? Im sure itll be good.

Oh, speaking of shocks though, I got another one this week. Literally! We have electric showers so we can have hot water-Im sure you can see where this is going. So theres a switch on the wall that turns the electricity to the shower on and off. I always forget to turn it off after I shower and I feel bad because it wastes the pensionistas electricity. So I remembered the other day and was so glad I remembered until I flipped the switch with my left hand that was APPARENTLY still pretty wet and got a shock so hard my right leg shot out! yeah, last time I try to save anyone electricity!!!

Anyway, Im sure Ill have lots to tell you by next Monday. I love you all!!! Im still praying away for you guys. Mom, I got my charger and earrings!! Thank you!! And they told me I have 2 more packages in the office theyll give me once I have somewhere to live!! Dont worry, I have a feeling people will take pity on us and treat us better than ever in this area. Love you guys!!! Talk to you soon!!


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