Sunday, November 9, 2008

Address and Updates

After November 20 please send letters to the following address:
Hermana Keele
Peru Arequipa Mission
Edificio El Pera
Avenida El Ejercito 710, Oficina 7031
Cayma Arequipa

Sister Keele will be in the Peru MTC until December, but letters take three weeks to get there so...IF LETTERS ARE SENT TO THE PERU MTC AFTER NOVEMBER 20th THEY WILL NOT FORWARD THEM TO HER!!!!!! Please send letters to the above address for the rest of her mission!

Christa's new preparation day is Tuesday. She is able to have 30 minutes to email. I thought I would include some exerpts from her most recent email. 

"Im surviving!! Some days are better than others, but Im doing pretty good considering the fact Im in Peru!!! I have a great companion. She's Hermana Barzola from Lima and shes going to Trujillo, Peru on her mission. Shes the nicest person ever. She doesnt speak a word of english and so it makes understanding each other very tough, but she gives me lots of thumbs up so I guess thats a good thing. We have to go out proselyting in a Lima neighborhood on Saturday!!! Wha?????? I am terrified. I know I'll be extra glad I have a native companion that day!

There was an earthquake on Saturday!! It was small, but we were playing volleyball and all of a sudden everything was shaking and every dog in town was barking!!! It really was small mom, don't worry.

The food isnt bad. Its definitely not good, but its not bad. Chicken and rice everyday.
On Halloween they did give us ice cream and candy though so I hope you all only felt a little bit sorry for me.

I havent seen much of Lima yet so I dont have too much to report. They told us to prepare for culture shock when we got proselyting on Saturday so Im sure I'll have more stories then. Its surprisingly cold here! Apparently its still spring. Im hoping it warms up! We have only seen the sun once since weve been here!

An elder from the floating islands on Lake Titicaca played We thank thee oh god for a prophet on his wooden flute at a meeting we had the other night. I thought dad would appreciate that.

What else...We are in class pretty much all day where our teachers dont speak english. Im in a district with other north americans, but we meet up with our latin companions to teach and eat meals, etc. There are about 70 missionaries here right now. 14 sisters-8 of us from north america, and the rest elders from Peru, Bolivia and North America.

Watch TV and eat fast food for me!! Love you guys!!!!!"

I loved the last line! She hasn't changed that much, yet!!
More updates to come after Tuesday.
Keep writing. She LOVES hearing from everyone.

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