Monday, April 6, 2009

Hey fam!! How are you guys?? Burt, I hope you had the best Bday ever!! Send me details! Im glad you guys got my pictures! I think there were like 160. I have anxiety about erasing any until Im sure you have them. There were a couple videos too. Did you get those?

We DID get to watch conference and in English to boot!! We watched at a stake center and I watched in an English room with President and Sister Davis and like 8 northamerican elders. It was the best thing ever! I love conference. I miss watching in my pjs and being able to nap in between sessions, but just being able to watch in english was sufficient.

So we had a baptism Friday. Her name is Maria and shes 10. Maria is the daughter of a lady who was less actie for a long time, but has started coming back. Marias dad wants to be baptized too, but is waiting to get some papers from Bolivia so he can marry her mom. Shes a sweet little girl. Friday was her birthday so we had cake at the baptism too! I do love cake.

Well we went on that hike last pday and it was really fun. BUT we never made it to the waterfalls! After hiking for about an hour we came upon a guard of some sort with an ammunition belt. Not sure what the exact reason was we couldnt go any futher, but the ammo belt was enough to convince me to turn right around. Oh, that reminds me I got a letter from my good friend Hna Walther who is serving in Piura Peru. Good news and bad news. The good news is my mission sounds safer. The bad news is shes got way better stories!

Mom, you asked what the little kids I live with would like. Im sure any little toy or candy would do. Oh, and they do love dinosaurs. Also, a member of my bishopric has requested jelly bellys or cinnabears so maybe throw some of those in next package? Along with, and this is a long shot, but it you happen to have any church DVDS laying around that have a spanish track? Just wondering. But seriously! You can wait until July to send another package. There is NO rush. And send me a quick email the pday before you send it so I can add anything last minute. Oh, good news though, the office elder is picking up my packages again so thats great news!

Dad, if you havent sent your account of your milk chugging experience to the other kids and or read it over the pulpit, please do so now!! IT was Hilarious and Im glad you survived!!

Anyway, transfers are monday so I'll let you know next week what happened. Hopefully nothing!! Love you guys and hope youre doing great.

Love you!!

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Jessie said...

I'm afraid I'm going to need to hear that story, Jorge.