Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Email from April 20, 2009

Well after a weeks as senior companion I only have a little bit of the urge to throw myself under a bus still. Lucky for me, my companion is great. She has 2 months in the mission, but is amazing and has made this change a LOT better than it could have been.

Not too much is going on here actually. Oh, so my companion and I are in the ward choir. We got roped into it because ward conference is coming up and they need as many people as possible to perform a special musical number. One word. Painful!! As you all know I cant carry a tune in a bucket, but compared to the people Im singing with I should have a recording contract or something! I want to tape it so you guys can witness it. It will be a musical number to remember! I thought about faking sick so I wouldnt have to go and be embarassed when we perform, but then I remembered Im in peru so who cares!

We went with the Relief Society president and bishop to do some service for a lady that just had a baby this week. I can now officially wash clothes by hand! A 6 year old walked me through the process and kept scolding me because I wasnt soaping the clothes right, but I eventually got the hang of it. Its a surprisingly long process that includes 6 different buckets!! Im scared for the life this mission is preparing me for.Since I can now wash clothes by hand does that mean Ill be living in poverty somewhere withouth a washing machine??!! Sure hope not.

We went to get our hair cut and met a lady in the salon this week. She sat down next to us and asked about the Book of Mormon on my lap. She also told us shed seen us in the airport when we went to see off our companions in March. Weve had 2 lessons with her and another one tonight and she seems really great. Well see what happens.

So I had 17 people in my english class this week!! I still have no idea what Im doing, but its fun. Some investigators were even there. So yeah, send me ideas!

How are you guys?? Whats the latest in Gville? Vegas? Iowa? I hope youre all doing great. Im surviving. The thought one day at a time is a big comfort and motivator for me. I love you and am praying for you all the time!! Talk to you next week!!


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Jessie said...

Dear Brittany/Emily,

It's now June 27th. Just wanted to make sure you knew that.

Your friend,
Jessie ;-)