Sunday, January 24, 2010

12 October 2009

Hey Hey Hey familia!!! Somebody in peru had to tell me that today is Columbus day by the by. Turns out Ive never known and or recognized Columbus Day. Woops!! But anyway, happy columbus day!!!

Whats going on???? Things are good here in Tacna. Im glad to hear little tuck got here alright!!! But yeah, it was pretty convenient that Tucker, or Tmoney as Im sure Em will be calling him, CAME on the week I hit a year!! Oct 8th was good. My companion gave me a card and a family in our ward treated us to dinner then the elders told me we had to do practices at the house of a family and we showed up and they threw eggs and flour on me and shoved my FACE in a cake. Thats how they say congratulations here in peru. I'll send pictures. I was in the shower for like an hour to get clean. It was a good day though.

This week at church was good. We had 7 investigators there and Angela had her baby blessed. Adorable. The plans are still for her to get married Friday and baptized Saturday. I'll let you know next week how it turns out. The only problem is on Saturday we are also going to be helping with the pollada for Jessica and Jesús to be able to get married and baptized. Its a typical keele day.

Anyway, I hope youre all doing great. After a year in the misión I still miss you all and love you all. I also still miss and love TV. In case you were wondering. Guess a year hasnt changad me TOO much. Love you!!! Talk to you soon!!

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