Sunday, January 24, 2010

30 November 2009

Hey Hey Hey!!! Happy Almost December!! Whats going on?? Im doing pretty good. We had a pretty good week. How was your Thanksgiving? We actually had a good Thanksgiving. We had a lunch with the district and the elders made chicken. Obviously. They also made mashed potatoes and rolls and even jello! It was almost a true Thanksgiving. Almost. I miss pumpkin pie!!! I did make apple crisp though. Its pretty much the only dessert from home there are all the ingredients here to do. We cooked it in this brick oven a lady in their area had. I took pictures, its classic. But yeah, tell me how your Thanksgiving went. I hope it was fantastic.

Oh, so we bought our boots this week! And its true, theyre nothing more than rubber rain boots, but I am so happy Ive been wearing them even when were in the room!! A few days a weeks it is sunny here and a few days a week its rainy. Friday was a rain day and we were late for an appointment and we were running and my companion fell SO HARD!!! I was dying. After I made sure she was okay of course. She pretty much did a slip and slide down a muddy hill. She didn’t get hurt though so that’s good news.

So theres this new goal in the mission that we have to talk to 20 people a day. So that’s 140 per companionship per week. So yeah, weve been doing our best to talk to everyone in the streets, buses, stores, etc. Before we always talked to people when we could, but if we were walking to an appointment or late somewhere we wouldn’t always take the time to do it. Now it’s a rule in the mission and I really like it actually. We have met some crazies this week! A man who wanted me to give him private English classes and said hed pay me and that nobody had to know…a lady who told us the terrorists had bugged her house and that they were always watching her and that we needed to come to save her from her sister in law who makes her take showers…etc. So yeah, Im not sure how much more success well have thanks to all these contacts every week, but it definitely makes everyday more interesting!

Anyway, I love you guys and miss you. Just a couple more weeks until we talk! Be safe and Ill talk to you soon! Love, Christa

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