Sunday, January 24, 2010

5 October 2009

Hey fam a lam,

Schwat is up?!! How has your week been?? ANYWAY, how was conference for you guys?? I only got to see the last hour of the last session in english, but I liked the whole thing. Obviously.

So we spent Tuesday of this week trying to get a bunch of paperwork taken care of so Angela can get married and baptized next week. God Bless America is all I have to say about that. At one point we were paying a man in an alley with his typewriter to give us a document we needed. But the funny thing is is that here in peru that´s totally legit!!! The man in the alley in the typewriter was recommended to us by town hall!! It was an insane day trying to get everything taken care of. Peru has a TON of requirements for people to get married and everyone told us something different about each requirement, but we finally got it all done and I have learned a LOT about how to get someone married in peru. Thanks to men in back alleys. So yeah,looks like, hopefully Angela will be getting married on the 16th and baptized on the 17th. Hopefully!!

Hey, I made an apple crisp this week!! We have a family thats investigating and they invited us to lunch and had made chicken. Duh. And potatoes. More obvious. And we made an apple crisp for dessert. They loved it!!!! And so did I!!! It tasted like home. So good.

Anyway, I have to go. We are going to play soccer today. IT´s finally getting a little warmer so it should be fun. I love you all and miss you. Hope youre doing great. Talk to you soon!!!

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Ángel de la Amargura said...

gtracias por tenerme como una de tus investigadoras favoritas...tu tmb eresa mi misionera favorita,espero volver a verte t extraño mucho hermanita.
ya nos veremos nuevamente,falta poco para k acabe la mision....
pero nos recordaremos ambas para siempre no lo dudes.milagros y palomita t extrañan mucho.
espero k este sbien.
con cariño,aangela