Sunday, January 24, 2010

22 December 2009

Sorry I couldnt write yesterday. As you know Sunday were changes and there were changes. Im still here in puno, but my companion got changed. We had plans for Christmas, for our investigators, our wards, etc. The elders called at midnight on Sunday to tell us that at 5 am she had to be in the Terminal to go to arequipa. I was really, really sad. She was too. So yeah, she left and want to hear the worst news ever? I dont have a companion this change!! What happens is if there arent enough missionaries in the misión instead of closing an area or assigning trios, president davis leaves a missionary without a missionary companion and with a random 16+ young women or young adults. I havent been able to find anyone who wants to be a missionary for 6 weeks so now I have been with the hermanas in another ward for 2 days. Itd be great because hna arroyo is in the other ward.

I had a christmas miracle this week! Frank didnt get baptized, but Ruth, the 32 year old did! We met with her on Thursday and she told us she wanted to get baptized on Saturday! And she did! Best. News. Ever. So thank you for your prayers. It was a good way for Hna Jiménez to leave puno.

In other news it looks like I wont be getting my packages in time for Christmas. An office edler called me on Saturday to tell me I had a bunch of packages in the office waiting, but thanks to bogus peruvian postal laws that to get the packages out the elder World have to pay 100 soles. Pretty much 30 dollars. So Saturday, while trying to get the baptism together, we ran to the bank and waited in THE longest line of my life! I was able to send the elder the money in arequipa though and I called him to tell him and he said hed be getting the packages out of Serpost and shipping them the day alter Christmas. People will be grateful for anything though, before or after christmas, so dont feel bad. I took some of the Money out that you sent and if Im able to be in my area, Ive been stuck with the hnas, Ill be hiding good tidings of great joy, in the houses of some of the pathetic people Ive picked out. I think we will be allowed to call the night of the 25th here so thatd probable be like 4 pm or so your time.

What else…I saw a car accident this week!! I didnt even realice I was screaming until my companion was like, what is wrong with you? Whats happening?! ANd I realizad shed been looking at the ground and hadnt seen the accident. A little kid got out of the motorizad scooter he was in with a mouth full of blood and screaming! I almost passed out. Good thing britts in the medical profesión adn Im not. We also saw a fight. My companion wanted to go stop these two guys from fighting and I finally talked her into just yelling at them instead of going up to them. So dont worry mom.

Well, I have to go, but I will be talking to you guys soon!!!!!!!!! Finally!!!!! Love you!!!

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Beth Benson said...

okay, so this seeing an accident icould picture was brittany screaming...i'm not even sure if thats how your sister screams, but it sure made this post come alive in my mind :) i love that i dont even KNOW this keele sister but i love reading her stories..good times