Sunday, January 24, 2010

23 November 2009

Hey Hey Hey!!!
Happy Thanksgiving! Well Almost anyway. How are you guys? What is going on?? Glad to hear you are all still alive and well after your trip to CA. Are you guys still headed to Vegas this week?? If so be SAFE!! And have fun. And eat for me. A LOT! Supposedly we were going to have some kind of district activity to do a little Thanksgiving, but Im not sure if it´ll happen. I dont think we have permission, but Ill let you know next week.

Anyway, Im still doing pretty good here in Puno.Turns out I got here during rainy season!! Em would be in heaven. So just about every day that Ive been here its rained at some point. It even hailed 2 days last week. And if youll recall my area is all hills, it is seriously San Francisco and I have fallen no less than 12 times. Obviously. BUT the elders are going to buy us boots!! Im pretty sure theyre the rubber ones you wear to like work in the garden, but Im pretty excited about it. Way more excited than I should be actually, but itll be fun to not have to worry about my shoes while walking around.

OH. Guess what! Best. News. Ever. I forgot to tell you that Hna. Arroyo is in my district!! My old companion, remember her? There are 4 sisters in puno and she got changed here when I got changed here so we are together again!Shes in an area called mirador, but we´re in the same district. My head about exploded when I saw her in the terminal when our buses got to puno. So yeah, I will get to see her at least every monday. I also got to spend all wednesday and thursday with her and her companion because my companion went to lima and they couldnt find me a temporary to be with. Ive always heard that it´s really hard to be with 2 other missionaries and that trios aren´t ideal but I loved every single second of it. Maybe it´s just because I get along with her and her companion or maybe it´s because the most absurd things happened to us in the 24 hours we were together, but it was awesome.

We also had zone conference and our interviews this week and it was good. President congratulated me for still being alive. Apparently the last north american that was in puno about 3 months ago had to be taken out of her area in an ambulance because she got so sick! But seriously, Im doing really well healthwise. I think peru has made me immune to everything possible so Im doing good.Wait, I did puke last night, but I think it was from some yogurt a lady gave us so not to worry.

Anyway, I hope you guys are good. Just about 1 month until we´ll be talking. Anyway, we have an activity this week we are planning and we are going to do service for an 85 year old lady that we almost had to carry to her house after church yesterday because she cant walk so Im sure Ill have LOTS of stories next week. Be safe and have a good, good, week. Love you! Love, Christa

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