Monday, January 25, 2010

25 January 2010

Hey hey hey fam! EM!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BDAY!!! Your lambo yo is sitting here in puno, what are you doing in Gardnerville missing out on it?!! Anyway, I hope you have THE best birthday ever! I hope it includes lots of tv, no homework, no chores, and you shoving your face in a cake. No, I take that back. Youre going to have to wait until festivus so we can do that together. Ive got a little something I bought for you, but i wont be able to send it until next Monday, so itll be a good birthday slash presidents day gift. Anyway, write me next week and tell me EVERY DETAIL of how you spent turning 17.

Anyway, not too much is going on here. It is freezing though! Em should seriously come spend her bday here because she would love it. Disgusting, foul weather. Perfect for the birthday girl. Hopefully the sun will find us down here before too long. Oh, so dad wanted to know a little more about my companion. Shes 21, she was born and raised in Juliaca, a town 45 minutes away, shes the only member in her family, and she is a pharmacy tech. And thats the life history of Sheyla in 1 sentence. Shes been a really good companion actually. She doesnt complain and does what I want to do, so shes been a great companion actually! Changes are a week from today though so we will see who comes…pray for me!

Weve had a pretty good week. We did a ton of service this week. We washed the biggest mountain of clothes I have EVER seen! We also peeled the biggest mountain of potatoes Ive ever seen! There was no joke, a potatoe the size of my head! Actually, it was more like the size of britts head! Just kidding Brito… I didnt have my camera though and Ive been sad the whole week I didnt get a Picture of it. Seriously though Im learning to do a loto f things here. Nothing I will ever need to know how to do in the US, but Im learning.

Hey, so guess what we ate this week? TACOS! Best. Day. Ever. Obviously there are no tortillas in peru, because that would just be too easy, so my pensionista made homemade tortillas that actually turned out really good. So yeah, we had our tortillas with meat, guacamole, tomatoes, and onions. I also taught my pensionista how to make egg salad. She was dumbfounded. She couldnt relieve it was so easy and so delicious. Mmmm egg salad. She also made french toast for us this morning that i taught her how to make. Its taken me 15 months to figure out if I teach my pensionista to make things I like my life is a lot easier! Oh well. Good news, none of my pensionistas pets have died this week. Although I forgot to tell you guys last week, she was telling us all about how she had to pull the first puppy out of her dog that died as she was serving us dinner! And this had all happened like 10 minutes before. The whole week I was worried she passed us some dog disease, but nothing.

So last week for pday we finally went to the lake! We also went to this giant slide that I am in love with. None of the other sisters wanted to go with me, but I threw myself down it like 12 times. I almost took out a drunk guy that was climbing up the slide too. Crazy drunks.

Hey, so there were some changes in our stake last week. Theres now a Branch in the floating islands. Before they always had to come to puno to go to church, but now theyre going to have their own Branch. Pretty cool.

Anyway, i love you and i miss you all and I hope you are all doing great. Stay safe! Talk to you next week. Love, Christa

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