Sunday, January 24, 2010

28 September 2009

Welp, my prayers, and yours, thank you thank you thank you, were answered!! I'll, or I guess I should say we'll, Hermana. Cavero didnt get changed either, be hanging out in Tacna for at least 6 more weeks!!! They called at almost 11 last night to tell us and we were so happy!!!!

This week we had an experience that screamed Keele Family a.k.a. Emily crawling through the woodbox to get into the house. So Angela has been in the house of her mom recovering from giving birth for a few weeks, but she really misses her log,dirt house and having us be able to visit. So she told her mom she was going to take some baby things to her wood house and have a discussion with us then go back. Well we had some more things from the RS ladies so we took a stroller and a bunch of things to her house too. We found her sitting outside on a rock. Turns out she had forgotten the key to her house in her moms house and only had 20 soles and would have had to walk to the center to make change to be able to go back to her moms house. So yeah, we got there and I, being a Keele, told her it was NOT a problem. That we´d disassemble part of the brick wall surrounding her log cabin to make a staircase to get into her property to be able to open the door to let her into the property so she could get into the house inside. So, in skirts, we start pulling bricks off the wall and building our staircase. Well we finally got it to a good level and I climbed up the brick wall and jumped from the top of the wall into her property. Then I went to open the door to let them in, but the door was locked with 2 keys and I could only get one of the locks open from the inside without the key!! So I told them NOT a problem, I would hoist them over the wall so they could get in and we could look for a key she thought she had inside the log cabin. So then I tried to get into the log cabin to get a chair out to help them over and I had to unwind wire and pull out paper they had shoved in there so nobody would break in, etc. Finally I got in and helped them jump the wall with the help of a chair. So we found the keys but NONE of them worked!!! So then we tried to use a butter knife to get the lock off the door so we could carry all of her baby stuff inside. Well that didn´t work. So we ended up hoisting all the baby stuff over the wall and then I finally, FINALLY, said, ¨¨how about my companion and I go back to your mom´s house to get the keys and leave you here with all the baby stuff.¨We all realized we were crazy for not having thought of that. I think I thought it would be a lot easier to get the door open than it was. So we left her inside and rebuilt her brick wall so nobody else would climb in then went to her moms house and got the keys and yeah, that´s how we spent the afternoon Tuesday. Well, I had actually forgotten it´d happened until a guy from our ward asked us why he saw my companion alone outside a random house that the police were driving by!! Good thing that´s something normal in peru and the police didn´t take too much interest. Angela had another picantada Saturday to be able to make more money so she can get married and baptized this month. Turns out someone gave her 100 fake soles!!! I think she was still able to make a bit of a profit though. Hopefully. I know she´ll be able to get married though.

I was reading the Sept Ensign this month and I really liked a quote I found. It says, the church was organized to make life sweet today, to give contentment to the heart today, to bring salvation today...some of us look forward to a time in the future but today is a part of eternity. I liked that.

Anyway, I love you and miss you all!! Hope you´re great and that little Tucky comes soon!! Enjoy conference!! Love you!!!

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Ángel de la Amargura said...

porque cuentas k mi casa es sucia?t pasas eres atrevida,pero me da risa lo que escribes,es que en otra realidad,espero k nos volvamos a ver algun dia.cuando acabes la misionn escribeme pues,cuidate mucho,
angela/milagros/paloma y jesus david.