Sunday, January 24, 2010

7 December 2009

Happy December!! One more fast sunday DOWN!! Ive never had a problem with fast sundays in the mission until I got to puno. I thought I was going to pass out yesterday! I wasnt even hungry, but walking around here without eating takes a little bit of a toll. Luckily I survived and now we are only 4 fast sundays away from the biggest reunion of all time!

Weve had a pretty good week. Its gone by pretty fast actually. We are still contacting and teaching and doing service. Oh my gosh, guess what? So remember how I told you guys we have to do these street contacts every week? Well I saw a guy with a papa johns hat on and used it as an in to contact him! Obviously that hat was shipped here from a thrift store in the US and the kid had NO idea what papa johns is or what I was talking about, but I was freaking out when I saw it!! Papa johns is definitely on my list of things I want to eat my first week home. Just FYI.

Oh, so speaking of food, this morning for breakfast I ate chuno! Youll have to look it up online. Supposedly its some sort of potato that people stomp on with their feet in a river? thats how it was explained to me at least. really made me excited for breakfast.Anyway, I didnt love it and puno is famous for it. Im officially in puno because ive eaten it. But yeah, you guys arent missing a thing.

What else, oh, we went and watched the christmas devotional last night. I didnt think not being home for Christmas was going to hit me as hard this year. I thought I was becoming kind of numb to the holidays because it doesnt feel like Christmas here. The good news and the bad news is I was wrong. I started sobbing when I saw temple square last night! Ridiculous. It was a good devotional though, I liked it a lot. Oh holy night might officially be my new favorite christmas song. Along with I want a hippopotamos for christmas obviously.

Last week we didnt do much, but today for pday we are going to a place called Sillustani? Maybe you can find some pictures of it online? Supposedly itll be cool. Ill let you know next week. Anyway, I love you all and miss you all and hope you are all safe and happy and healthy. Talk to you soon! Seriously! Love, Christa

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