Sunday, January 24, 2010

19 October 2009

HOOOOOOOLA. How are you guys??!!!! Things are pretty good here. So it turns out Angela didn’t get baptized this week. BUT, its okay. Her boyfriend wasn’t able to get a paper he needed to be able to get married because he went to this clinic to get a test done and the clinic was closed because Peru was playing in a soccer match. Obviously. So yeah, he had to get the test done today instead of Friday and shes now going to get baptized Saturday and married Wednesday. We have another baptism on Wednesday though, a little girl named Nicolle, so it should be a busy week. I like busy weeks though. Way better than slow weeks in the mission. Yesterday in Relief Society I was sitting by Angela and she was talking about the quorum of the 70 and the restoration during the lesson and I had a flashback to the day we knocked on her door-june 8. Its pretty amazing to the see the difference in someone in such a short amount of time thanks to the gospel.

What else, OH. I. ATE. CEVICHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best day ever!!! I can officially say Im living in peru. It was so good!! We will have to look for a good ceviche place when I get back.

Oh, so Jessica and Jesus had their pollada on Saturday. We were chopping and frying and delivering chicken all day. Seriously, WHAT is this mission preparing me for?? BUT, they made enough money to get married so we are going to be starting the paperwork with them this week. Jesus told us he wants to be baptized in a font of whiskey so he can take one last gulp as hes being baptized. Supposedly he gave up alcohol like 3 years ago so I think he was kidding….but yeah, they are a really good couple and after 4 months of working with them it looks like they’ll finally able to get baptized too.

So remember how I complained like 2 or 3 times because the water got shut off in my last area? Well it looks like that was just preparing me for Spring and Summer in Tacna because starting at 4 pm everyday there is NO water!!! Until 7 am!!! We have to fill buckets with water that we keep in the shower to use from 4-7. Ridonculous as Em and Britt would say. But yeah, what can you do. Yeah, so theres no usable water, but twice in this last week weve opened the door to our room to find it FLOODED with sewer water!!!! Not flooded, flooded, but all of our things on the floor got wet. Supposedly the owner of the house took care of it. Lets hope so. The worst part is I didn’t know where all the water had come from until I started cleaning it up and realized it reaked!!! Oh well. What can you do.

Anyway, I hope you are doing great. I miss you and love you all!! Hows baby tuck? How are all of you?? What are the Halloween plans? Maybe dont tell me. Mmmmm chili dogs....Anyway, more next week. The internet is slow again!! TAlk to you soon!!!

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