Sunday, January 24, 2010

21 September 2009

Welp supposedly the 23rd of September is offically spring here!!! But you could have fooled me. It´s been more rainy and overcast and chilly than ever!!! Hopefully pretty soon though it´ll warm up. Other than the weather, things here are pretty good. We had our stake conference yesterday. It was a satelite broadcast like I think you guys told me you had? C. Scott Grow, Elder Holland, President uchtdorf and Sylvia Allred spoke to peru. It was good. I thought it would be in english, but C. Scott Grow spoke in spanish?! Then Elder Holland started in spanish and switched to english with an interpreter, he joked about how painful it would be if he spoke in spanish the whole time. President Uchtdorf obviously spoke english, but he said he wished he could speak german instead. It was a crack up. Anyway, it was good. Elder Grow talked about 5 missionaries he met that are from peru and serving in Mexico. He said he´d do a shout out for them in the conference so he read their names and where they´re from. It was good though. They talked a lot about missonary work and raising missionaries in our families.

We had the multizona this week and it was good. It´s always good to see president and sister davis.

Last week for pday we went to the scariest zoo possible. It shouldnt even really be allowed to be called a zoo. It´s more a crazy old man with all the wild animals he´s captured and thrown in his backyard. I made a startling realization while there-I am TERRIFIED of ostriches!!! There was a giant, LOOSE, ostrich, running around!! I was frozen stiff trying to avoid eye contact with the thing for like 20 minutes. All I kept thinking was, ¨I need a tostada to calm my nerves!!¨That´s for you Em. Really though, I was terrified!!! There were also random bunnies running around, turtles, monkeys, birds, owls, fish, etc. Dont worry, I got lots of pictures. I also got interviewed for peruvian public access!!! There was a camera crew there documenting the insanity and they asked to interview me!! So look for me on Channel 26. Im sure peru public access will somehow find it´s way to Gardnerville public access when they´ve run out of hours of that ¨Reel em in¨fly fishing show to run.

Hey, did my photo cd work?! I dont want to erase them until I know so let me know.

Anyway, I love you guys and miss you!! Changes are next week. Pray we dont have any!! Be safe!! Thanks for your emails!! Love you!!

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