Sunday, January 24, 2010

14 December 2009

Hey Hey HEy!! Happy pday to all. We had a pretty good week. We had our misión Christmas devotional. President and Sister Davis came and spoke. President Davis said hed like to see white christmas. And since it´s obviously not going to snow in peru he said itd have to happen in the bautismal font. Wed like that too. We have 3 good investigators who have fulfilled all the requirements to get baptized but dont have permission from their dads. From their moms yes, but their dads no. For some reason all our investigators in puno are underage. No, I take that back. We are teaching a 32 year old with 2 kids who lives with her dad and is scared to get baptized because of how he will react. We want to talk with him but she wont let us. One of the 3 is a 14 year old named Frank. His dad said if he passed a test he had to take on Tuesday that he could get baptized. Well, he failed. BUT, it turns out he could take a different test on Saturday to make up for it. So we spent like 4 hours on Thursday going over EVERY question of a practice test with him and explaining it to him. I was in 8th grade all over again and it was actually kind of fun. So yeah, we found out yesterday that he passed and will be able to keep attending the school hes attending and we have an appointment to talk with his dad tomorrow to see if he can get baptized Saturday so pray for Frank! Oh yeah, but back to the devotional. President and Sister Davis talked then we had a dinner of… guessed it, chicken and potatoes. Then we did skits and they gave us bibles and a homemade sugar cookie for our gifts. That sugar cookie was so good! So good! But yeah, it was a good devotional.

Oh, so I sent a photo cd this week. I hope it makes it there for Christmas! I feel bad though, I didnt think the elders were going to give us time to mail anything so I didnt even write a card or anything! So yeah, dont get too excited because its a big envelope but it just has a CD and nothing else. Sorry. Oh, but fantastic news, I got your package with CDs and cowtails and your card!! Thank you!! It made my week.

What else…changes are next Monday. Id really like to stay with my companion another change, but well see what happens. OH, and about the Christmas call. Ill be able to call for like 5 minutes on the 24th to give you the details about everything. Im still not sure what time we will be able to callo n the 24th or the 25th.

Anyway, I have to go, but I hope you guys are doing great and staying safe! Cant wait to talk to you!!! Love you!! Love,Chris

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